Riot in Zambia

In the dozens of countries where the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank have imposed structural adjustment programs (SAPs), the people who have seen deterioration in their standards of living, reduced access to public services, devastated environments, and plummeting employment prospects have not been passive. The pages of newspapers, magazines, and academic journals (those that can survive in depressed economies) have been filled with damning analysis of structural adjustment. More important, people have been organizing to combat the pillaging of their lands and livelihoods. This organizing has resulted in mass movements and protests on every continent, but they are not often reported on in the mainstream press.


January-February 1987
Food price riots in the northern copper mining district in response to a SAP announced in December 1986 eventually led to program's suspension.

Kaunda voted out

1991??? ??? In Zambia Pres. Kaunda was voted out of office. Pres. Frederick Chiluba and his Movement for Multi-Party Democracy won in the first multi-party elections.